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Wednesday, 2 March 2011

Why should I have my wedding filmed?

The most common remark I receive about the above is most people will feel uncomfortable about being filmed. At the end of the wedding day, I am always amazed at how many people comment they were not aware they were being filmed.

Many brides also comment on how quickly their wedding goes and that they do not remember much of their wedding day. Watching their wedding DVD brings back the memories and events during the day they missed e.g. mum and the bridesmaids waiting on her arriving, the groom getting ready, guests arriving, etc. The DVD captures those intimate moments and the emotion of the day.

Filming a wedding is not for the fainted hearted. Weddings are great occasions but they are live events and things can happen instantaneously. Being able to react to this and ensuring nothing is missed is a skill acquired over many years. Also being able to blend into the background on occasion ensures that the guests do not feel uncomfortable about being filmed and those comical and intimate moments are captured.

The equipment used on the day is also important. Professional cameras will operate better in lower light conditions than domestic camcorders. Various microphones should be used to ensure optimum sound quality. Most brides are not concerned with technical issues behind being filmed on their wedding day so it may be a job left for the groom to book the wedding DVD. At a minimum I suggest asking if a radio microphone will be placed on the groom to pick up the wedding vows.

Many companies will let you see a show reel. I always suggest seeing a full wedding that has been filmed. This will give an idea of how your final DVD will look. I also advise brides to look at the style of how the DVD is filmed. Most brides are simply looking for a record of the day and reassurance that their day will be covered while feeling comfortable while being filmed.

Finally, how much should you pay? A professionally filmed DVD will take up to 35 hours to edit. A two camera shot will also pick up more footage and will result in a more intimate and detailed look on your wedding DVD. Many companies may charge up to £1500 for this service.

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